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Internet links to talks and articles

  • David Berceli (Trauma Release Exercises TRE- Berceli Foundation): Read Now
  • Video introduction to TRE: Watch Now
  • Brené Brown (Empathy v Sympathy) - On empathy (3 mins): Watch Now
  • Gwen Dewar Ph.D. - Excellent article online on empathy and the brain: Read Now
  • Kristin Neff (On Self-compassion) - TedTalk: 'The space between self-esteem and self-Compassion': Watch Now
  • Dan Siegel (On the neuroscientific basis of empathy): Watch Now
  • The power of empathy: Professor Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury: Watch Now
  • Neuroplasticity experiment (1994, Harvard, Pascual-Leone): Read Now
  • The Research of Candace Pert, PhD. - Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind: Mind-Body Medicine Becomes the Science of Psychoneuroimmunolgy: Read Now
  • Sammy Batt-Rawden | TEDxNHS - How overwhelming work conditions can erode people's capacity for empathy: Watch Now
  • One of the fathers of trauma research and healing, Peter A. Levine PhD, writes: "Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering." Hear more on his website
  • Two Simple Techniques from Peter A. Levine, which can help someone who is feeling triggered to feel safe again: Watch now
  • Headington Institute (USA) Director, Dr. Don Bosch, explains the 'good and the bad news' about Resilience Read more
  • Resilience is a Discipline Article by Dr. Don Bosch, Director of Clinical Services, Headington Institute: [Read more=https://www.headington-institute.org/resource/resilience-is-a-discipline/}
  • Short video explaining some key concepts from Bessel Van der Kolk's seminal work on Trauma: The Body Keeps the Score: Watch now
  • Substance Abuse Support Guide For Sudents Read Now